We're Back!

We took several months off from the business to restructure, make some hard decisions and well, figure out how on earth we can get FREE digitals out there to our fans.

We are going to try having free digis release on the 1st and 15th unless they fall on a weekend.

It may take us a few months to get all of it hashed out, expect some delays. Please bear with us as this is all new territory for us as well.

Well, let's get on with it!

We have three FREE digital stamps for October!

  1. DO read our Terms of Use (find the link up top of the home page)
  2. These are .png files: 
    1. Right click to enlarge and save
  3. Share your creations and tag us on your IG or share in our Facebook fan club. 
  4. Remember these are free to you and for fun. 

Meet Three Baddies

Download the Demogorgon FREEBIE: 

Click on Demogorgon (to open full size) and then right click to save her. 

Download The Evil Mistress FREEBIE: 

Click on The Evil Mistress (to open full size) and then right click to save her. 
Created by Fawn over at Fawntastic Creations

Download The Sea Witch FREEBIE: 

Click on The Sea Witch (to open full size) and then right click to save her. 

Soon all of the released digital stamp freebies will be available on the tab "Digital Stamps Downloads" at the top of this blog! 

Please share your creations with us, we don't see the point of sharing freebies if we don't know people are using them. 

Tag us on Instagram. Upload a photo in our Facebook Strawberry Jude Stamps Fan Club (it's a community for stampers!)

See you next time! 


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